Set of LED screens

“MONDO are specialists in the design and manufacture of systems comprised of multi-screens”

Groups of LED screens provide facilities with great prestige and versatility. On the one hand, the spectacular nature and size of the set impress spectators and draw their attention. On the other hand, they maximise the possibilities of use of the screens, as they are valid for different purposes.

Noteworthy among the design options are:

  • The possibility of mixing different types of screens in one composition. Not only can screens of different sizes be used, but also with different pitch (distance between pixels) and resolution.
  • Circular-shaped screens can be constructed or with different curvature radii.
  • Accessory elements can be included that enhance the experience of using the screen, such as motorised elevation systems, sound equipment or visual effects devices.
  • The topology and method of use can be adapted to the needs of the facility. Thus, and by way of example, it is feasible for several screens that form part of the same composition to show the same content in a synchronised manner.

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